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Our Accessories

Over the years, we have grown our collections to include jewelry, handbags, scarves, hair accessories and small leather goods.



Our jewelry collection encompasses various styles and budgets; we like to think there's a little something for every woman. We carefully select our jewelry lines including only ones that are handcrafted and use quality metals and stones/beading. You'll find 18k gold vermeil, sterling silver, quartz, citrine, Swarovski crystal and more!

More Jewelry by: A.V. Max, AJS Designs, Andrea Barnett, Anna Balkan, Anne Marie Chagnon, Ayala Bar, CV Designs, Deborah Grivas Designs, Geraldina Jewely, Kathy Kamei Designs, Liquid Metal, Lock & Key, Miguel Ases, PONO, Ronda Smith Designs, Sarah Cavender, Sheila Fajl, and Sunshine Tienda
Handbags and Wallets
A shoe's best friend is the handbag. We have all different shapes and sizes, and a bag for every outfit or occasion.

Scarves, Belts and other Neccessities by:

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Handmade Hair Accessories: 

Hair SP 2022.jpg
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